The Shepherds' Trust supports the needs of our retired clergy who have served our family of faith, enriching our lives in our own homes, schools, churches, hospitals and other areas of ministry.

The idea of the Trust began with a group of lay people who realized the needs of our retired priests and offered their help to establish the Trust as a reflection of the gratitude and appreciation of the parishioners they served.

Through your support of the Shepherds’ Trust, our retired priests are given the dignity of adequate monthly allowance, health care and other assistance in their golden years.

2015 Campaign

As parishioners, we have reaped the benefits of our priests’ unselfish service to ourselves and our families for generations. They have been the rocks on which we leaned in times of trouble. In each parish across this archdiocese, our priests lovingly took care of all of us, building a community of faith and family. The parish collection date is set for the weekend of November 14th/15th, 2015.

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